Recipe: Perfect My Homemade Cassava Cake

My Homemade Cassava Cake. Home made cassava quick and easy to prepare. My Homemade Baked Cassava Cake. cassava/tapioca. You can pair it with hot or cold drinks for merienda.

My Homemade Cassava Cake See you on the next one! For all the first time makers, let me tell you. the more cassava added, the thicker the cake. The less, it will be more softer and fluffy more custard like. You can cook My Homemade Cassava Cake using 4 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of My Homemade Cassava Cake

  1. You need of Grated Cassava.
  2. You need of Sugar.
  3. You need of Evaporated Milk.
  4. Prepare of Large Egg.

Cassava Cake is a classic Filipino dessert made from grated cassava (manioc). Cassava is also known as kamoteng kahoy and balinghoy in the Philippines. Cassava starch is also used to make tapioca. There are different cassava cake around, but this Cassava Cake Recipe is by far, the best.

My Homemade Cassava Cake instructions

  1. Mix the grated cassava, evaporated milk, egg and sugar.
  2. Put sugar tonyour cooking lanera an boil in a medium heat to dissolve the sugar.
  3. After boiling the sugar add your mixture.
  4. Put it on your steamer an steam it for 45 min to 1 hr check using a toothpeak if it is already cook….

Cassava cake is a Filipino sweet delight. It is a traditional dessert that is much loved in the Philippines. Bingka Ubi Kayu (Baked Cassava Cake)What To Cook Today. Baked Cassava (Tapioca) Cake: This traditional cassava (tapioca) cake is semi-soft, chewy and fragrant. It has an inviting aroma from the screw pine leaves (pandan leaves), eggs and coconut milk.

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