Recipe: Perfect Kuku wa kupaka (chicken in coconut milk) #endofyearchallenge#

Kuku wa kupaka (chicken in coconut milk) #endofyearchallenge#. My kuku wa kupaka recipe (which is basically chicken cooked in a coconut sauce) is easy, delicious and regardless of your nationality, you will be able to. Kuku wa Kupaka is a traditional and classic dish from Zanzibar, A grilled chicken which is then smothered with flavorful and sometimes spicy coconut sauce. Kuku wa kupaka shortened kukupaka is Swahili for chicken in coconut sauce.

Kuku wa kupaka (chicken in coconut milk) #endofyearchallenge# It is sweet from the coconut milk, hot from the green chilli and. Kuku wa kupaka is basically Kienyeji chicken cooked in thick coconut sauce! Kuku wa kupaka is a flavorful Kenyan dish that is especially popular in the country's coastal regions. You can cook Kuku wa kupaka (chicken in coconut milk) #endofyearchallenge# using 3 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Kuku wa kupaka (chicken in coconut milk) #endofyearchallenge#

  1. You need of whole chicken.
  2. It’s of Tomatoes, garlic and ginger paste, salt, coconut milk, turmeric.
  3. You need of Oil, coriander leaves potatoes and eggs (optional).

It consists of chicken pieces cooked in a hearty, spicy sauce made with coconut milk, tomato paste, and flavorings such as cumin, turmeric, and lime juice. For the best flavor, it is recommended to garnish. In a big bowl mix all the spices together. Add the coconut milk into a separate pan, and add the rest of the green chillies, grated tomato, and salt.

Kuku wa kupaka (chicken in coconut milk) #endofyearchallenge# step by step

  1. Cut chicken into pieces and boil a bit with salt, garlic and ginger paste.. Boil potatoes and eggs separately…
  2. In a pan put little oil add tomatoes stir for a bit then put potatoes and eggs (optional) add turmeric salt to taste put the chicken and add coconut milk.. let it boil for a 10 mins then add coriander leaves…
  3. It can be served with rice naan and posho…

Daawat rice kenyan recipes unga wa dola nuvita biscuits rice recipes featured desserts nuteez peanut butter Daawat Pasta chicken curry. I recently had a request for Kuku Paka, it definately remains a favourite with the East African Asians. Then add the chicken, coconut milk, salt and pepper. For authentic flavor, grill the chicken pieces before stirring them into the simmering sauce. If you like, you can also use boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs.

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